Today is Our Official Release Date

Today is an exciting day for, THE LIVINGSTONS!!! After a year in the making, our new album, “UNEXPECTED JOUNEY” is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. You can also order order the CD on our website.

We need your help. We are not signed with a record label, so the only promotions that we have is grass-roots. If you wouldn’t mind, please share the news of our album, now being available to purchase on your Social Media Page. You can say something like, check out The Livingston’s new cd on iTunes!!! If you have already purchased our album, we would love for you to take a picture of it and share your thoughts about it. You can also use these hashtags.

#thelivingstonsmusic    #unexpectedjourney    #thelivingstonsareback

We feel very passionate about the songs on this new album. Each one of them stand as a testimony of where we’ve been and how the Lord has brought us through. We believe these songs will be a blessing to people who need to be encouraged. There are so many that are hurting and going through difficult circumstances and our desire is to be a voice if inspiration in the midst of their storm.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Denny, Alonna and Brittany.