Special Offer For Our Subscribers

After 17 years, it’s finally here. The Livingston’s brand new album!!!

As many of you know, we have been working on this for a year now and our journey is finally complete. We are so excited to share 11 new songs with everyone. These songs were not only written by us, but they share the story of where we have been for the last 17 years.

We had a wonderful time at our CD Release concert in Nashville, TN at Point Of Mercy Church this past Saturday night. We had some wonderful guests with us and the presence of the Lord filled the room. We so enjoyed singing the songs and sharing where each song came from. Our dear friend, Carie Moeller, that co-wrote the title track with us, was there too.

We had CDs available for everyone that was in attendance, but they will not be released until May 31st. At that time, it will be on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and many other social media platforms.

We want to offer something special to everyone that has subscribed to our website. If you pre-order our new CD now, we will ship yours out one week before the release date. We are so thankful that you have subscribed and we would like to show our appreciation by making our album available sooner than the release date.

When you receive your CD, we would like for you to share your thoughts about it on our Livingston’s Facebook Fan Page. We would also love for you to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Maybe take a picture of the album and tag us in your photo. Feel free to use whatever hashtag you want. We have been using #thelivingstonsmusic and #unexpectedjourney.

Our desire is to share these songs with people that need encouragement. We feel like where we’ve been will help someone with where they are now. God has given us these songs for a reason and we want to take our message and testimony as many places as possible.

Thank you again for subscribing to our website and please pray for us as we walk through the doors that God opens.